Saturday, March 17, 2018

March break zoo thing

Hi everyone 
I hope your all doing well its been a while i know well i finally went to a little event on my own 
it wasn't free but mostly worth it even with all the kids saying i want it to the stuffed animal toys they were selling when your on your way out the event it seems every year they come to the mall this time cost money. I don't remember the last time if it cost money or not it cost 15 bucks per person unless your child was under 2 or unless you shared it on Facebook then told them so it cost 12 for the discount also to get the mall more business so it was what i did ♥ support other friends business's. 
I also love things like this animals are the best and that is one of the reasons why i don't eat them but that is just another story for another day. I think i talked enough so 
Now please enjoy the pictures 

Meet Max the owl he was so sweet what a good boy he better of gotten spoiled after all of him being around people all day 

That is all for today thank you for visiting sending you all love and good vibes ♥

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Hi everyone
I ordered a new kigurumi on amazon for my Christmas gift to myself it came in pretty quick
also the tail can come off just like the actual Eeyore the only downside is i am used to the gray Eeyore not the blue but i think they did that to try and get more people into Winnie the pooh 
now for the lame photo spam :P

Thanks for visiting sending you all love and good vibes ♥

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bright lights Windsor 2017

Hi everyone 
This time i went to the bright light windsor thing when we did have snow it was wonderful 
I was happy i got to go do it with my friend we were big dorks which is always a good thing 
also we took some fun pictures please enjoy some of them are burry which i am sorry about but it was still fun just super cold 

Thanks for visiting sending you all love and good vibes ♥